About Us

Unfortunately, contractors have a bad reputation. And very often it's well deserved. Brilliant Improvements was started 10 years ago with the simple idea that we could do better. Much better. We've heard so many of our clients say that they wanted to have a room or space renovated, but they dreaded having strange people in their house, making a mess and just generally making them feel uncomfortable in their own home.


We get that.


While you may not know us personally yet, we are members of your community. We live here and are raising our families here. Because of that, we care about the area and have a lot at stake if we damage our reputation. So we protect our good name by doing whatever it takes to do right by our clients. It's through this hard work that we've earned the sterling reputation we have among our peers, clients and vendors. We would love to earn your trust as well, and prove to you that there are still good tradespeople out there.


  • ​Absolute, unwavering integrity, professionally and personally

  • Firm adherence to the highest standards of quality and best practices

  • Dedication to treating our employees, workers and clients with complete dignity and respect

  • Ceaselessly educating ourselves to remain at the cutting edge of design and installation

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